BC Beatz offer Recreational and Competitive Hip Hop Dance Classes.
We accept enrolments for recreational classes at any time!

MINI HIP HOP (4-6 Years)

PRIMARY HIP HOP (7-10 Years)
11-15 YEARS

BC Beatz Mini and Primary hip hop classes place great emphasis on fun as well as dancing. The class is structured in a manner to promote constant movement, but broken into shorter sections so participants don’t lose interest or become distracted. The 45 minute classes typically include a warm-up and stretch, a learnt routine (in a general or specific hip hop style), skills and a game.

Junior hip hop classes are targeted at students who are enthusiastic about Hip Hop, dance and fitness. In this class students will improve and strengthen their coordination, as well as build their hip hop knowledge and style variety, in a fun and energetic environment. Students will learn a new routine each week across a range of hip hop styles.

BC Beatz offers competitive hip hop to committed and enthusiastic students. Competitions range from local, state or national events across a variety of age groups and divisions. Competitive hip hop incurs additional costume, music and entry fees, but provides performance opportunities and a sense of achievement for those looking for more of a challenge. Competitive classed are only available via audition or invitation.

Fridays @ Geelong High School, Dance studio
4.15pm-5.00pm Mini Mixed Hip Hop 4-6 Years
5.00pm-5.45pm Primary Mixed Hip Hop 7-10 Years
5.45pm-6.30pm Junior Mixed Hip Hop 10-14 Years

*Please contact us to enrol via email, we take enrolments at all times during the term.

2022 Competitive Timetable

Tuesdays @ Geelong High Dance Studio
4.00pm-5.00pm - Competitive Crew - Primary
5.00pm-6.00pm - Competitive Crew - Junior Secondary
6.00pm-7.00pm - Competitive Crew - Senior Secondary
7.00pm-8.00pm - Competitive Crew - Senior Secondary
7.00pm-8.30pm - Competitive Crew - Seniors